The specialist in exceptional rums. The largest selection of rums available in Switzerland,

exclusively produced from pure fresh cane juice!

Mauritius' comeback !


The only rums in the world able to meet all these qualifiers:

“Terroir”, Authenticity, Typicity, Traceability, Richness and Aromatic complexity

Only 2% of worldwide production


Tailor-made events organisation for companies or individuals

Let’s talk about it and ask us for an offer!


  • Blind-test discovery of fresh cane white rums and on-site cocktail making

  • Initiation to the tasting and discovery of the incredible extent and diversity of these rums aged in barrels

  • Entertaining presentations on the history of rum and its raw material: sugar cane

  • Exceptional master classes animated by production managers, owners of distilleries and cellar masters

  • Unique and original gifts: your customer will remember your attention!

All about rum: VO? VSOP? XO? Cask strength or Single cask?

The 2 charts below will let you know everything about those denominations. To share without moderation!

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